Merida Crossway
Merida Crossway
The Merida Crossway 100

At My Bike we get a lot of enquiries regarding an all-purpose bike that people can ride the Hatea Loop and Onerahi Cycleway on as well as use for riding on cycle trails and bike routes around the country. A great hybrid bike option for this is the Merida Crossway range of bikes.

The Crossway series provide great flexibility riding, as they come equipped with 700 x 40c wheel/tyre, perfect for commuting, leisure riding and light off road riding. They also have plenty of gears, front suspension, an adjustable handlebar stem and suspension seat posts for extra versatility.

Available in a wide range of models, colours and styles, the Crossway bikes are ideal multi purpose bikes. So if you are thinking about getting out and riding on our ever-expanding cycleway network, come in store and try out a Crossway for size.

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